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From the smallest water garden pond to large ponds measured in acres, creating the perfect fit between landscape and water is what we do. Proper design incorporating a variety of aquatic habitat types and marginal planting areas is critical no matter what the size of the pond.

At Natural Waterscapes, we work closely with you to capture your ideas. Then, we call on our expertise to bring those ideas to life through the water feature of your dreams!

Whether a small pondless waterfall, a large pond with wetland habitat, or series of ponds interconnected by wandering stream channels, we will integrate your waterscape into your environment.

An appropriately designed and constructed pond can provide habitat for an unbelievable array of wildlife. From songbirds to waterfowl and interesting wading birds, the pond and wetland environment is a favorite for winged wildlife. A pond can be designed and constructed with specific fish species in mind as well - cool, spring fed ponds can support trout populations while warmer ponds will hold small and largemouth bass, crappie, sunfish, blue gills and other game fish. In addition to the aquatic life, you will find that larger ponds are favorite haunts of larger wildlife as well.

Constructing a large pond requires careful planning to ensure that the pond will hold water, maintain water quality, and provide fuctional habitat. One of the most important and often overlooked steps that should be taken early in the planning process is test pits or borings to sample the soil and/or rock at the planned pond bottom. These tests are critical if a natural bottomed pond is planned. A natural bottom pond must be located in the proper topographic setting and be constructed in soil that is relatively impervious. If the material at the planned pond bottom is too porous, a number of options are available to complete the pond. Natural clay soil, bentonite clay, and EPDM rubber liners are some of the options availalbe to construct a pond on porous material. If the pond is to be lined with clay soil, the soil must be continuosly checked for clay content and properly compacted.

Geo-synthetic liners are an excellent long-term solution to ensure that a pond or reservoir will hold water regardless of the soil conditions. Natural Waterscapes has extensive experience in specifying, procuring, and installing EPDM rubber liner. The Firestone Pondgard liner that we use has a 20-year manufacturer's guarantee. The liner is easily seamed on location allowing any size or shape of pond to be effectively lined.

One of the most important considerations for a healthy pond environment is proper oxygenation. There are a variety of aeration systems available to improve dissolved oxygen levels in any size pond. It is important to consider your overall pond size, condition, and long-term pond management goals when selecting an aeration system.

Put our broad experience in ponds, streams, habitat improvement, native landscape design, and aquatic plants to work for you today. From planning to construction and long-term maintenance we will provide exceptional service to enhance your aquatic habitat.

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